The European Union and its Debt Crises:
The Deception of the Greeks

Nova Science Publishers

John N. Kallianiotis[1]

This European Union became a German Union and all members (Germanic or non-Germanic people), even the large socialist French nation, have to obey, submit, and abide by the European laws, the non-democratic decisions of the “strong nation”, and the absolute control of the members domestic, political, economic, and social lives. The member-nations (they call them states and not nations) do not have central banks, independent governments, a national legislation system, public policies (monetary or fiscal), and of course, have lost their sovereignty completely. They have become German protectorates (new colonialism). Lately, with the new U.S. President, Donald Trump, those controlled by the globalists EU have become very hostile against his new American administration.[2]

The member-nations of this artificial political union (the prototype of globalization)[3] are different in size, in resources, in economic potential, in culture, in dogmas, in language, in paideia, in history, in tradition, in value system, and in objectives. Therefore, these nations cannot be under a common union, a common currency, a common law, a common economic environment without any tools to control their own socio-political destiny. This union fooled the naive politicians of the European nations and without any referendum, they fell in this trap, from where it is not allowed to leave. After its accession, a member becomes a permanent controlled state (not a sovereign nation any more) of the European (German) Union. England seems to be the only exception because Europeans, since the conception of the European Economic Community (EEC), did not like British membership and delayed its acceptance until January 1973, and in Summer 2016 they decided to leave this anti-European “structure”.[4]

The “Holy Roman Empire’s” suspicious revival to impose the will of “theirs” (the dark powers) started again in 1957 (including as founding members the region it had in the 8th century A.D.). It has restricted the independence, the sovereignty, and has diluted the identity of so many European nations that are not the illusionist Franks and share completely different values and beliefs. Above all, they do not want to be part of this controlled “New Empire”, the prototype of the “Global Empire” (the global “control” of humanity). The grandiose plan (pushed by communists, liberals, globalists, anti-Christians, and other enemies of Europe) is, now, to expend this Christian “European Union” to the allodox Asians (Turkey and Israel),[5] and soon to other continents. Obviously, after 60 years of procedures, a non-European plan was imposed on Europeans.

Consequently, it was obvious in those days that in the near future European generations would face many problems, due to integration and globalization. Some of the questions were the following: Are they going to retain their freedom? Are they going to retain their basic Hellenic-Christian values? Are they going to retain their seven thousand year old civilization and identity? Are they going to retain their homogeneity? Non-Christian, oriental “values” started having a significant influence on Western and Greek civilization. Oriental and pagan religions have influenced religious thought and expression in the contemporary secular and liberal West. The creation of a new non-European and non-Orthodox civilization and value system, which would affect negatively mostly Greece, might be a matter of a few decades or one generation because of the uncontrolled illegal migration (mostly, anti-Christian Muslims, jihantists and sharia law)[6] and cultural imperialism. The latest trend towards a “global civilization” (actually global subculture) will destroy all civilizations. These cultural, religious, and social mixtures have posed a serious threat to the future of the true human civilization. Revelation and Truth are the biggest enemies of this current cultural assimilation, human amalgamation, exaltation of lie, and individuals’ apostasy. Historical memory requires Greeks to honor their national heroes and martyrs, who have enlightened the past, so the nation[7] can continue its existence in the future.[8]  


[1] The European Union and its Debt Crises: The Deception of the Greeks, by John N. Kallianiotis, Nova Science Publishers, N.Y., August 2018, ISBN: 978-1-53614-067-5

[2] See, “Europe must not bow to U.S. spending demands on NATO: EU’s Juncker”.

[3] The Hellenic-Orthodox civilization ought to be against the servitude of the deceived globalization and to turn away from anyone (betrayer or puppet), who is in favor of this human enslavement. The Greek Orthodox Church has to leave the World Council of Churches (WCC) and to stop the ecumenistic dialogue with the heretics of Europe. See,

[4] The Conservative Prime Minister, Edward Heath, took the U.K. into the EEC in January 1973 after President de Gaulle of France had blocked U.K. membership twice in the 1960s. This brought EEC membership to nine.  In a referendum in 1975 the U.K. electorate voted to stay in the EEC under renegotiated terms of entry. See, . And they voted to leave the EU in Summer 2016. See, Also, . Further,

[5] See, Kallianiotis, I.N. (2006).

[6] ISIS is terrorizing the World. They are a new brand of terror; hundreds have died in just the last few years. In Paris, November 12, 2015: 128 souls died; In San Bernardino, CA, December 3, 2015: 14 souls taken; In Brussels, March 22, 2016: 32 people perish; In Nice, France, July, 2016: 86 killed, 434 injured; In Ft. Lauderdale, FL, January, 2017: 5 deaths, 36 wounded in airport; and many other people in different cities and nations.

[7] For a state to be a nation, its people must have the same blood, the same language, the same race, and the same religion («ὅμαιμον, ὁμόγλωσσον, ὁμοεθνές, καί ὁμόθρησκον»). (Herodotus, Ἡρόδοτος; 5th century B.C.).

[8] This is coming from Chapter 1, pp. 26-28 of the book.


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