The Suspicious Global Economic and Political Crises
for Controlling the ‘Disobedient’ Orthodox Nations

John N. Kallianiotis
University of Scranton

Most men are bad” (Πλεῖστοι ἄνθρωποι κακοί, pleistoi anthropoi kakoi).
Bias of Priene (Βίας ὁ Πριηνεύς; 6th century B.C.)

  1. Prologue

The planned “irrational exuberance” was over after three decades of integrations, deregulations, wastefulness, greediness, over-indebtedness, and corruption. But, its negative consequences were expected because the economy and markets were too good to be true. We were living a big delusion and this deceit is over. The economic and social indicators reveal that the U.S. from a moral, ethical, and just superpower is becoming less and less competitive and less friendly with the rest of the world.[1] European Union (the forced integration of 28 nations, without referenda), with its debt crises and the common currency, is the worst “innovation” in human history (the “planned” destruction of Europe).[2] It is a mixture of twenty eight nations without domestic public policies, without self-determination, without sovereignty, and of course, without any future.[3] All these strange evolutions have increased the global uncertainty, have caused unemployment in EU[4] and the U.S., have reduced competitiveness, have caused bankruptcies, and have augment anxiety and health problems (mental and physical) to citizens. The current fiscal austerity, imposed by the controlled EU and IMF (the Troika or Quartet), has made the recessions even deeper.[5]

The value-free, free-market system[6] has failed and needs more government regulation and better corporate governance. Governments had to bailout a corrupted financial system and their banks, even when the budget deficits and the national debts are astronomical.[7] But, they had no other option, except to “rob responsible Americans [and Europeans] and pay the robbers of the financial market”.[8] Then, what are the social benefits? Why we need these global changes and “evolutions”, which are against humanity? The latest financial crisis (with a combination of large failures, costly bailouts, and deep recessions) might be able to change the perception of the social welfare effects of the thirty years of deregulation; but, the political leaders have no power to do anything. The Fed was instructed by Congress in 1977 to aim at “maximum employment” and “stable prices”, but it cares for price stability (Bernanke considered inflation target).[9] Can we continue to hope with the current controlled leadership and the inhumane globalization?[10] The answer is obvious, NO! The BRICS nations had not been affected by the latest global financial crisis, but the dark powers created other problems to them (i.e., Ukraine, reduction of the price of oil to $26.21/barrel,[11] embargos, refugees, etc. to destroy their domestic economies). But, these global planners forget that there is God’s Providence, too.

The Suspicious Global Economic Crisis to Control the Disobedient Orthodox Nations

[1] The U.S.A. was the biggest economic power in the world and is declining daily. Greece was the biggest spiritual power on earth and is descending daily. We must grieve for the plight of these two nations and someone is responsible for this. The problem must be the bad and controlled leadership in these two “model” nations. Voters are responsible, too. Unfortunately, they have something else in common; they have not many allies.

[2] The ECB occupies a gleaming thirty-seven-story skyscraper in Frankfurt’s financial district and its objective is to avoid another intra-European war and to rival the United States. Both the Fed and ECB were structured as political compromises. The Fed has only one set of elected politicians to cope with; the ECB has at the moment nineteen (19 EMU country-members). The legal mandate is for the first to maximize employment and price stability; for the second is to resist inflation. Both central banks are designed to be independent, but they are not, they are dependent on the financial institutions and markets. Both concentrate on the same intermediate objectives: credit and liquidity. The central banks can create money (“printing money”, which is electronic), as the Fed is doing since 2008 by supplying over $4 trillion and flooded the world with greenbacks.

[3] For example, in EU, 73.8% are against privatization, 80.9% are against Turkey’s entrance to EU, 83.6% are against Euro-constitution (Treaty of Lisbon), 71.6% want to go back to their previous national currencies, 71.5% of Greeks are in favour of vetoing Skopje’s (Vardarska’s) entrance to NATO and EU, Europeans are against the independence of Kosovo, and 86.1% of Greeks are against the marriage of homosexuals. (Various polls). Europeans are actually against this “anti-European creature”, the EU and against the acceptance of these illegal immigrants (Muslims) from Middle East and North Africa. But, dark powers have the opposite objective for the poor Europeans.

[4] The main reasons, for unemployment in Europe, are the austerities, the illegal and uncontrolled immigration and also, the free mobility of factors, products, and services. Europe and especially, Greece are in trouble to lose their thousands years old identity with these millions of Muslims immigrants.

[5] President Barak Obama worried about these austerities that the fragile world economy could slip back into recession as in the 1930s. He urged the G-20 leaders to continue some level of stimulative spending. (The Wall Street Journal, June 22, 2010, pp. A1 and A9). But, nothing happened because politicians have no power and so, the economies continue to be very fragile.

[6] This free-market system has become the only “god” that the Western societies are worshiping (the “mammon”, μαμμωνᾶς).

[7] The U.S. budget deficit for the 2008 was $455 billion and the national debt was $10,311 billion on October 15, 2008 and for the 2009 the deficit became $1,600 billion (11.2% of GDP); on October 29, 2009 the debt became $11,897 billion (91.42% of GDP). On August 12, 2010, the ND was $13,327.4 billion (100.84% of the GDP), and today (2/9/2016), it is $19,005 billion (115.59% of the GDP). See, The Euro-zone debt is 92.9% of its GDP and Greece’s debt is 170% of her GDP.

[8] Dr. Shannon Grimes in Tahlequah Daily Press, September 25, 2008.

[9] The ECB, the Bank of England, and the Bank of Japan have only one explicit goal: price stability. See, David Wessel, In Fed we Trust, Crown Business, New York, N.Y., U.S.A., 2009, p. 86.

[10] The demonstrations in Greece and in Europe are daily against the new social security system and its required enormous contributions by farmers and other professionals. The Greek, the French, the Belgian, and other farmers are in the streets and close the highways for weeks. The same is going on with the citizens, who oppose the “hot spot” of thousands of illegal (Muslims) immigrants in their neighbourhoods. (TV News MEGA, ALPHA, January-February 2016).

[11] Bloomberg, February 11, 2016.



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