GREECE AND HER CLAIMANTS: CAN OUTSIDERS SOLVE DOMESTIC PROBLEMS? «The country needs her independence, her public central bank, her national currency (Drachma), her domestic fiscal and monetary policy, her industry, her agriculture, her services, and her social structure and values»

Greece and Her Claimants:
Can Outsiders Solve Domestic Problems?

Dr. John N. Kallianiotis
University of Scranton

Ἡ Ρωμιοσύνη ἔν φυλὴ συνότζιαιρη τοῦ κόσμου,
Κανένας δὲν εὑρέθηκεν γιὰ νὰ τὴν ἠξηλείψει,
Κανένας, γιατί σκέπει την ᾽ποὺ τά ᾽ψη ὁ Θεός μου.
Ἡ Ρωμιοσύνη ἔν νὰ χαθεῖ, ὄντας ὁ κόσμος λείψει!

Βασίλης Μιχαηλίδης

The answer to the question of the title is obvious, No! Some claimants might have good intention, others might follow specific orders, but they do not know, they do not care, and they do not want to solve any problems for other countries. Then, they can only create huge problems, as it happened with Greece. We cannot trust the future of the country to outsiders and foreigners. Thus, the solution can come only from the citizens of the country, who are native, from the same race, same education, same true knowledge, same faith, same culture, same language, same value system, and same future. European Union, as a prototype of globalization, tries without any of the above characteristics to put with force different nations and different people under the same rules, same regulations, same currency, and under a suspicious control (servitude, occupation, colonization). For this reason, EU has failed, as it was expected from the conception of this cunning and abominable idea (the control and submission of European nations without any war, but only with the use of some domestic traitors as pseudo-leaders, actually followers).

Greece is at the sight of western Europeans since 1054 A.D. Due to their delusion and apostasy, they do not want to admit and compare themselves with the Greek history, culture, civilization, Orthodoxy, paideia, and contribution to the world. With seven crusades from 1096 A.D. (1st crusade) to 1254 A.D. (7th crusade) and the worst one the 4th (1204 A.D.), these barbarians destroyed everything in the Orthodox-Romania (Ρωμηοσύνη),[1] they stole, looted, enslaved, and carry the Empire’s wealth, antiquities, even the relics of the saints to the “christian” West to satisfy their greed, to “adorn” their museums, and to “bless” their faithful. Constantine XI Palaiologos (Palaeologus; Κωνσταντῖνος ΙΑ´ Δραγάσης Παλαιολόγος, Kōnstantinos XI Dragasēs Palaiologos; February 8, 1405 – May 29, 1453) tried and this was his deadly mistake, to unite Byzantium (Orthodoxy) with the West (Pope, kakodoxy) to save the Byzantine (Medieval Greek) Empire, Romania; as the pro-Europeans (Εὐρώδουλοι) leaders of Greece are doing today and have enslaved the country to the EU and EMU. The City (Constantinople) was not saved in 1453 A.D.,[2] the politicians of the new nation after its partial liberation in 1821 A.D. were trapped by the Western Europeans (establishing the German Party, the French Party, and the British Party), the Asia Minor was not saved in 1922 A.D., the Greek nation was occupied in 1940 A.D. by them, and the country cannot be saved today because the Western claimants want the same thing as the Ottomans, the occupation of Greece and they did it, lately (in 1981 and 2002) even without a war, but just with the accession of the country, without a referendum, to the European Union and the Euro-zone, which had as a result the loss of the independence and sovereignty of the nation. Greece is not the same anymore, until her new political, economic, spiritual, and educational revolution will start.

After 2008, with the planned global financial crisis, the country is under constant threats of bankruptcy, sell-offs of her public wealth, usurious interest rates and interest payment, restrictions and cutting completely of her liquidity from the ECB,[3] putting out of business all small and medium size of Greek firms, reductions in salaries, wages, and pensions, layoffs of millions of workers (in the public and private sectors), the creation of 60% youth unemployment, the migration of all the young educated Greeks to Europe to find employment, and the tens of thousands of suicides. Europeans are the only regulators and their foreign policies had as results the creation of millions of illegal Asian and African (mostly Muslims) immigrants and refugees, which are stacked in Greece; theirs are also the erroneous and the anti-growth policies of austerities in the middle of depression that were imposed on Greeks by the notorious outsiders, the “Troika” that they re-baptized, lately, to “Institutions”. This is an open war (making the life of people miserable and destroyed the social web of this historic nation) against Greeks and Greece and against their recently elected democratic government, which seems that cares for the welfare of its citizens, their future, their dignity, and their independence and sovereignty.

The country (government and people) have to say, NO; NOT ANY MORE to these malevolent claimants and leave the Euro-zone, today. Of course, this decision should had been taken in 2009 with the previous government leaders, but they proved that they were not leaders, but new age followers. All these pseudo-leaders from 1974 A.D. up to now that they caused the current destruction, demotion, and global mockery of the country must be tried and go to jail. The country needs her independence, her public central bank, her national currency (Drachma),[4] her domestic fiscal and monetary policy, her industry, her agriculture, her services, and her social structure and values, which are completely different than the West’s, otherwise Hellenism has no future. Greece has to be in union only with the other Orthodox nations and to solve her domestic problems by itself and not through the directed by the dark powers outsiders. Greece belongs to Europe and it is a European free and proud nation that cannot bow down to these “saviors”. But, West Europe does not belong to Greece because it chose to abandon the Hellenic-Orthodox paideia and took the road of perdition far from Greece. Greeks are not against Western Europeans, but they cannot follow them to their descent; Greeks wish to them and to all outsiders (foreign and domestic) good luck to their wrong journey.

[1] I remember my blessed grandmother, who was saying to us as children, <<Εἴμαστε Ρωμηοί, μιλοῦμε Ρωμαίικα…>> and we could not understand what the meaning of these words of wisdom was. But, we were respecting her and her admonitions and this is exactly the Greek tradition; the previous generation educates the current one.


[3] «Ἑωσότου ὁ ἔλεγχος τῆς ἔκδοσης χρημάτων καί πιστώσεων νά ἐπανέλθῃ στήν κυβέρνησι καί νά ἀναγνωρισθῇ ὡς ἡ πλέον περίοπτη καί ἱερή εὐθύνη της, ὃλες οἱ συζητήσεις περί ἐθνικῆς κυριαρχίας τῆς Βουλῆς καί τῆς Δημοκρατίας εἶναι ἄσκοπες καί μάταιες. Ὅταν ἕνα ἔθνος δέν ἔχει πλέον τόν ἔλεγχο τοῦ πιστωτικοῦ συστήματος, δέν ἔχει σημασία ποιός θεσπίζει τούς νόμους του. Ἐφόσον τεθεῖ ἐπικεφαλῆς ἡ τοκογλυφία καταστρέφεται κάθε ἔθνος.» William Lyon Mackenzie King (Canadian Prime Minister, 1874-1950).

[4] See also,


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