HELLENISM IN PERSECUTION from the Excessive European “Solidarity”

Hellenism in Persecution
from the Excessive European “Solidarity”
(Ὁ Ἑλληνισμὸς ἐν διωγμῷ
ἀπὸ τὴν ὑπερβολικὴ εὐρωπαϊκὴ “ἀλληλεγγύη”

Dr. John N. Kallianiotis
University of Scranton 

            Hellas is a nation with a history of seven thousand years old and a civilization that improved the entire world. But, her advanced knowledge, faith, and paideia (based on the absolute truth) have never been accepted from the ignorant, faithless, and without paideia controlled West (the crusaders or “partners” for political correctness). As we see, there is no improvement (but deterioration) in these people’s aggressive behavior since the 10th century (crusades, during the Greek war of independence, the Asia Minor catastrophe, etc.) and the situation and the chasm will become worse between West and East, as the time is passing because they are in delusion. Most of the times, the invasion was military or were supporting the invaders; now, it is economic, political, and psychological[1]

[1] Of course, they do not know that Hellenism does not believe in psychology and probability theory, but only in God’s Providence. Then, their tactics and politics will fail and will drag along all of them.

Hellenism in Persecution 

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