The Intended Dissolution of the Intellectual and Spiritual Hellas


Dr. John N. Kallianiotis
University of Scranton 

I.               Prologue

Many Greek intellectuals, since the early 1980s, had expressed their mistrust, their concern, and their opposition for the expected accession and the third conquest of Greece by the Frankish EU. Greece is a small in size, but big in real wealth; one of the oldest in history nation, and the biggest intellectual and spiritual power on earth. It made known so many wise men and philosophers in Ancient Greece, innumerable saints during the Byzantine period, and countless heroes and neo-martyrs under the Turkish occupation. But also, the country’s economic wealth and prosperity was never bad. It was ranking very high among the developed nations.[1] With all these values and its unique past and future role, Greece was and is surrounding by enemies (today, with their mask of Troika), who are pretending as the rescuers of the indebted Greece. Their plan of degradation of Greece is working. Greeks have started abandon Greece since the “invasion” of Troika in 2010 and earlier with the designed economic war by the “civilized” West (European partners, who are actually non-Europeans, except that they live on this continent and exploit Europe and Europeans).  Greece from a big Empire, which civilized the world, was led to occupation and after hundreds of years of revolutions, wars, and sacrifices a small part of the country was free even recently, but not anymore. This special nation was forced undemocratically (without referenda) to join the EU and the worst of all to join (without fulfilling any of the criteria) the EMU (Euro-zone) and today, it is under economic occupation and creeping expropriation of its wealth and enslavement of its people.

 In the meantime, the country was forced to borrow hundreds of billion of euros to buy unwanted military supplies and pay high commissions (tens of billions of euros).  The last two years, the country started borrowing from Troika; €110 billion the first time and €130 billion later, but these loans are offered in installments and are conditional on Greece’s willingness to enforce the depressionary and devastated for its citizens memoranda. The country is in its worst financial, economic, and social crisis since its conception,[2] seven thousands years ago, and the only solution is a new leader with national conscience and Orthodox faith to cancel the unfair referendum, to collect taxes from the tax-evaders, and to stop the payments on the usurious debt because the first priority for a nation is the welfare of its citizens and not the maximization of the interest income of its creditors. The imposed European solutions are against Greeks; with their higher taxes, more severe austerities, cuts into the health system, slashes in defense,[3] security, and education, expropriation of public enterprises (wealth),[4] colonization of the country, and the buying back of its debt of €40 billion with new loans of   €10 billion (if the current holders wanted to sell, which was not true). But, when the demand for an asset is going up, its price is increasing, too. Troika tries to impose its will and guide the Greek justice system[5] and the Greek arm forces, too.[6] Its impudence and arrogance have surpassed every limit. The results that came out from the Euro-zone finance ministers on Wednesday, November 28, 2012, represent a new big deceit for Greeks, with their hope to receive the delayed since September 2012 installment of €34.4 billion on December 13, 2012. But, Eurogroup (Troika) did not keep its promise; thus, Greece was ready to borrow elsewhere (by issuing T-bills) to pay its current obligations.[7] This notorious installment came on December 17, 2012,[8] but it is going for recapitalization of banks[9] and the illusionary growth will be postponed for the next decade. European Union has become the first victim of globalization and together with this union its member-nations face the preliminary consequences of this anti-humane structure; but Greece’s case is different, it is its intended dissolution by the West with the pretext of the global financial crisis.

 II.             The Planned New War against Orthodox Hellas

The European Central Bank (ECB) is responsible for the current Euro-zone recessions, because even though that the debt crisis took place, it did not increase the liquidity in the EMU economies and financial institutions;[10] also, towards governments and thus, businesses were and are suffering with this financial distress and bankruptcies. The U.S. Fed has increased the liquidity enormously since 2009 and recently, it announced a plan to purchase $85 billion a month of mortgage-backed securities and Treasury securities in 2013.[11] In periods of economic crises (recessions), central banks must buy government securities and offer reserves to the financial institutions and consequently, banks could supply loans to businesses and the entire economy. Governments must use expansionary fiscal policy, too (reduction in taxes and increase in government spending). Then, the current policy by Troika is undoubtedly against Greece’s growth and prosperity because, it is pro-cyclical. Germany was against any measures that could improve growth in member-nations and IMF was invited to finance the EU members, like they were third-world underdeveloped nations. IMF has caused only problems and deep recessions in all countries that it has gone to rescue them from a debt crisis. Then, something has to be done in Greece by the people to stop this back-sliding of humanity’s achievements, after all its struggles without any improvements for five years by now. This pure debt (only with borrowing money) financing of governments, businesses, and individuals was a big deceit by ignorant economists, unfair tax systems,[12] deregulated financial institutions (lenders),[13] and unfortunately, by political leaders-followers. But, today, with the weakness of the coalition government to protect the rights and the well-being of Greek citizens, the communist party, SYRIZA, is coming first in polls, which is also dangerous for the country. We must understand that the optimal amount of debt is what our parents taught us to be, it is zero.[14]

 Greece, as the most advanced ancient nation on earth, civilized and Christianized the entire West. This great nation gave its culture, values, education, and paideia to the West, without it even to pay for the copyrights; but these nations, due to envy, rivalry, and inferiority syndrome are today, against Greece. Many times, they showed their hostility and declared wars against Greece [from the crusades (from the 1st one in 1098 to the 7th crusade in 1270) to Italy’s and Germany’s invasions, in 1940]. But, Greece gave its culture and faith, a little later, in the 10th century, to the Eastern European nations and above all, to the vast nation of Russia. Today, for more than a thousand years these nations continue to be faithful, respectful, and admirers of Greece and its value system, considering her as their spiritual mother. Unfortunately, the apostate West prohibits any relationship between Greece and Eastern Europe.[15] Antagonism, malice, ignorance, and stupidity divide Europe and Europeans for thousands of years and it is continued, as it is proven with the current crisis. Soon, Greece will face serious problems from Turkey,[16] Skopje, and Albania that are Muslims supported by the anti-Orthodox West, too. For social and political scientists, it is crucial to protect the rights of the innocent people and to investigate and uncover the responsible enemies of the simple citizens and of the nation.

 Unfortunately, Greece had started borrowing money from the West (England, France, etc.) since 1824, during the war of independence from the barbarian Turks and to be able to buy weapons for its liberation.[17] The poor country continues, up to now, borrowing and buying arms from the same nations plus the United States because the threat from the same enemy continuous to be there and it is conserved by the sellers of the arms (the unmerciful “superpowers”, Greece’s “partners” and “allies”). The country has paid, in interest and commissions (to corrupted politicians, their relatives, and other middlemen), ten times the amount of principals. A lot of money from these illegal enrichments and tax evasions are in Swiss banks amounted up to €31.5 billion.[18] Also, one third of this borrowing money never reached Greece, it was going back to pay for the purchase of weapons (unnecessary purchase of armaments and most of them are not working, imposed to Greece by its lenders-allies) and thus, the money was staying in the vaults of the Western lenders. If all these actions were not minutely planned, what were they? Greece was and is paying only interest (sometimes the interest rate had reached 34%)[19] and if its debt will not be canceled, Greece will pay interest to eternity because its pseudo-politicians signed an unfair memorandum that put the country as collateral for these loans. Who gave the right to a pseudo-politician to put as collateral the wealth of a nation and of its future generations? Today, Greece is for sale, which is an act of extreme treachery.[20] But, the country has already paid many times the principal; thus, it does not owe any money to anyone and the current artificial debt must be canceled[21] and there was no need to buy back its bonds with new loans and more interest cost, as Troika has imposed on Greece, because these remedies do not work. Only the country will be destroyed and we (every single person) are responsible to stop this humanitarian catastrophe.

Greece’s national debt is €330 billion (143% of its GDP) and with the new Troika’s plan (cut of interest rate, return of profit by ECB, bonds buy-back, and privatizations), they expect the debt to fall to 124% of the GDP in 2020. How all these can happen with the negative growth for five years and many more to come and the economic mafia that does not pay taxes? The country cannot impose any more austerities on its poor citizens because it is already bankrupt. Now, the unemployment is 25.4% (August 2012), but with the continue pressures to apply the memorandum that the Greek coalition government signed, the unemployment will continue to increase and the growth to fall (depression).[22] These European solutions are serious social crimes against Greek citizens, against the security of the country, against the sovereignty and the democracy of the nation, and against the welfare of the entire population[23] by its allies and European partners. All corrupted participants in this irrational, unnecessary, and planned Greek crisis must go to jail because their actions are the most serious social crimes against an entire nation and its citizens.[24]

For all these reasons, Greece has to stop payments on these loans, today, and this action is necessary and just for its citizens’ wellbeing, which is the only objective of any democratic government. The austerity measures have led 21.4% of Greeks below the poverty level. They have no money to buy heating oil or woods to heat up their homes or to be able to maintain a car or to pay even their rent. Also, €1.22 billion are the unpaid bills to the electric utility company (DEH) and thousands of households have no electricity. The suicide rate is becoming enormous.[25] The property taxes,[26] which are put on the electricity bills, the continuing increases in taxes and cuts in salaries have deteriorated the poverty and homelessness.[27] Lenders should have known that there is risk, when they lent money with this enormous risk premium, but Greek citizens are not responsible for their mistakes. Lately, Greek bonds rallied after a ratings upgrade to B- by S&P’s, which was followed by news that the European Central Bank would again accept Greek government debt as collateral.[28] These uncontrolled and suspicious institutions act the way that they want and destroy the lives of the citizens. There is no hope, as long as this economic mafia that dominates all political leaders is out of control. Many speculators in the corrupted hedge funds market made enormous profits by purchasing the Greek bonds at $0.17 per $1 face value and selling them after these announcements and their buy-back by the Greek government for $0.34. They are doing the same speculative profits with the betting on CDSs.[29] It is obvious that Europeans want to destroy Greece.

Needless to say, the intended dissolution of Greece has to be stopped, today. Troika has to be thrown out of the country because for a sovereign nation, it is inconceivable to have three suspicious foreign institutions (the European Commission, the ECB, and the IMF) to dictate to Greeks their policy, their income, their taxes, their spending, their public wealth, their national defense, their “wellbeing”, and their future. The Supreme Court judged as anti-constitutional the collection of property taxes (Charatsi) with the electricity bills and Troika (the European Commission) attempted to lead the Greek Justice system saying that the country has to enforce the memorandum. The country is under foreign occupation (“decorative democracy”),[30] protectorate of Germany. The role of this global economic mafia is by now very conspicuous. Troika’s anti-growth and pro-cyclical austerity measures will keep the country to a permanent depression, to destruction of her social net, it forces Greece to sell off its entire public wealth (which is very dangerous for the country’s security and safety), and it will leads the country from democracy (common ownership) to oligopoly (a few billionaires owners). Troika is negotiating the abolition of compulsory military service of Greeks and is talking about moving to an occupational army (mercenaries). They want to reduce Greece’s cost of the arm forces by 62% and the salaries and pensions of the army officials by 41% between 2009 and 2016.

 Finally, these foreigners are leading Greece to its third occupation.[31] The most tragic is what the Greek citizens are facing every day and it is becoming worse; they are becoming immigrants to Germany and Australia at the time that Greece has been occupied by foreign illegal immigrants, mostly Muslims, with vast criminality, who dilute the identity of the most homogeneous people with zero crime in the past in the entire Europe; also, the suicide rate in Greece that was zero, as an Orthodox nation, it is taking enormous dimensions the last years. Then, the question is, here; where are the benefits from the euro, the European partners, from Troika with its conditional, on two inhumane memoranda, loans and having the same people in government that have caused the current crisis? “Barbarian tribes (like Germans) cannot understand functions of collectivism, the role of the nation, the need for equity towards the law, the concern toward the common needs … Privatization is a characteristic of the barbarian Europe … barbarian primitivism … the unification of Europe is handled by private multinationals’ interest … but, the historic nonexistence of counter-proposal to barbarism is a universal tragedy.”[32] Greece gave birth to democracy, which is promoting public enterprises (common to all people institutions) and now, came the barbarians to impose oligarchy, which promotes private enterprises (only a few people have ownership of them). The world is going back to dark ages by the new barbarians, who control the entire world. Greeks should not expect any solution from Europe because actually, Europe is the major part of the problem of Greece. The disdain of Greece by its allies and partners has to be stopped by the Greek leaders, but leadership is the problem of Greece for the last 38 years, too. Then, the answer is one, here: The God of Greece (the Holy Trinity) can and will help His Orthodox people!..

 III.            A Few Concluding Remarks

 This general Greek crisis that started from the Church (beginning of the 20th century), went on to the government (in late 1970s), continued with the education (in early 1980s), and ended up to the economy (in 2009), is very suspicious and the current European solutions will be proven worse than the previous ones. The continuing deep recession will increase the debt, which is unsustainable and every one knows it (EU, IMF, politicians, and even simple people) except the current Greek corrupted coalition government, who signed two memoranda of submission[33] of the nation and it is responsible for all these sufferings of the country, its citizens, and its future generations. Greece joined the Euro-zone without referendum, which means undemocratically, and without satisfying any of the Maastricht criteria that means, the EU (and Kostas Simites with his “helper” from Goldman Sachs) are all accountable for violating knowingly EMU’s own criteria. Of course, the crisis in Greece started in 1974 and became obvious after 1981, with the “invasion” of the corrupted pseudo-socialists. These pseudo-politicians proved that they were opportunists, who found a very good and profitable profession, to become members of the parliament.[34] All the politicians from the PASOK party must go to jail, without any prescription or exception (Tsochatjopoulos, Papakonstantinou, Papantoniou, etc.).[35] Also, the entire suffering in the country has been caused by a pseudo-elite, in Greece, which has done all this bleeding of the Greek economy and the destruction of its traditional society since the liberation of Greece in 1822 (the descendants of ex-cotsabasides, the tax-collectors for the Turks).[36] Then, together with the politics of this unfenced yard, the EU, came (allowed them to come) the millions of illegal immigrants, the unfair regulations and directives from the EU, and the competition from the outside of the Union economies (mostly from China),[37] which started this creeping, but unexpected and peculiar crisis in the country. There are no benefits from any union of dissimilar nations or European institution or common currency enough to offset the loss of public policy, sovereignty, democracy, culture, civilization, paideia, uniqueness, and social welfare[38] of the most intellectual and spiritual nation. But, if Greece had kept its tradition, its moderation, and its old value system, it could have minimized all these current problems.

 In addition, Greece has no public policies any more, banks have no liquidity and because of the enormous capital flights they need re-financing, and the country is passing a new anti-growth tax-law from the Parliament, which will increase the tax revenue by €2 billion that is impossible to happen with the current recession, tax-evasion by the followers, and bankruptcies. Then, the country cannot get off from this vicious cycle.  The enormous corruption of all these anti-Greek, anti-Orthodox, and “new age” agents, who have been imposed as “Greek politicians” the last 38 years, destroyed the economic, spiritual, intellectual, and social structure of Greece, which cannot be considered as a mistake because no one in human history has ever made a mistake of this magnitude. All these governments collaborated with foreign centers of decision making to materialize the plan of disorganization, of sale-off, and of dissolution of the Greek nation. Now, Greeks became beggars to Troika and they continue to postpone the loan installments until the country will apply new austerities. Greece is forced to pass the destructive new tax law, which will bankrupt the entire middle class; but, this was the condition for the new installment that the country received on December 17, 2012 of €34.4 billion. All these are useless, big vanities, and a bigger deception for the degraded, but proud Greeks. Everyone knows this European fraud[39]  except the Greek “new age” government, who is responsible for the current state of the society in Greece by violating the democratic system with the control of citizens from the political parties and their influence and drowsiness by the superintended and reproved media.

 Ultimately, the planned global financial crisis (systemic risk) that affected most of the nations, due to their high positive correlation with the extreme free-market (value-free) oriented nations (which caused this 1st experimental crisis in the 21st century)[40] because they had lost their public policies, their national currency, and their precious independence and self-sufficiency, it was expected and was successful. One of these nations was the value-oriented intellectual and spiritual Greece, which had no experience from the greedy and corrupted free-market, its speculators, its instruments, and its innovations (its enormous risky “toxic” assets) and due to its vulnerability became the number one and the most exploited victim of this “modern capitalism”, the unmerciful and dictatorial globalization, the new socio-economic “moral” philosophy of the future. The Euro-zone policies, which are imposed by Germany (and seconded by the following France) are helping only Germany and are against all the other European member-nations. Germany has been benefited from the interest that Greece is paying on German loans. Germany could make up to €10 billion from Greece’s interest.[41] But, the European crisis soon will affect negatively Germany because its exports will fall.[42] These policies have created enormous economic disequilibria, social disturbances, and astonishing exploitation of small nations (like Greece) and their citizens.

 Lastly, Greece is in danger with this open intention of the West and its controllers to destroy their only “enemy”, the chosen Greece. Europe is going back to the social state that was during the Roman Empire; if this was the objective of the EU, it has been accomplished. European citizens are living in a social state similar to the dark ages and their lives are deteriorated. Greece needs growth and expansionary public policy, trade policy (to depreciate its national currency[43] and not “internal devaluation” and to be able to impose some import taxes and tariffs to Chinese and other importables[44] that their cost of production is one tenth of the Greek cost), control of tax evasions (which is unfair for the rest of the citizens), self-sufficiency, homogeneity, and protection of its identity. Thus, the country has to leave the Euro-zone, stop the payments of debt, and increase the safety of its citizens and the security of its borders. Those Greeks, who have a house in a village and a little land, it could be wise to utilize them, but the intended dissolution of Greece has to be stopped by Greek citizens, the descendants of the most intellectual and spiritual civilization on earth. Greeks created an excellent system of governance, the democracy, and they have to denounce and go against the new oligarchy of the EU, of Troika, and of their pseudo-leaders, the slaves of globalization, otherwise the New Year 2013 and every year after the current one will be worse off (complete dissolution).

[1] Greece’s shipping industry is the first in the world, with 4,577 vessels in 2012 and a dead weight tons moved by Greek ship-owners of 217 million; following by Japan 210 million, Germany 125 million, China 116 million, South Korea 55 million, and U.S. 44 million. This sector employs more than 200,000 people and contributes 16% of the GDP. See, Philip Pangalos, “In Greece, Shippers Show Way”, The Wall Street Journal, December 6, 2012, p. A13.

[2] The suicide rate is becoming very high, today, from zero that was before the crisis. There have been reported about 3,000 suicides since May 2010. See,, December 18, 2012.

[3] The political, social, and economic crisis in Greece is developing to a geopolitical crisis. The problems started from Skopje went on to Albania (after the fall of communism) and are always there with Turkey (since the 14th century) and are becoming worse every day, because the Greek leaders are sleeping blissfully. See,, December 9, 2012.

[4] Everything is for sale in Greece, even to the enemies of Greece. This will have direct negative effects on the security of the country. See, “In Turkish Hands the Marina of Flisvos”,, December 8, 2012. See also, I. N. Kallianiotis, “Greece’s Imposed Privatization (Denationalization) and its Effects on Individuals’ Utility and Social Welfare”, Christian Vivliografia, February 20, 2012, pp. 1-13.

[5] See,, December 18, 2012.

[6] See,, December 18, 2012.

[7] See,, December 7, 2012.

[8] TV News MEGA, December 17, 2012.

[9] Four banks (National, Alpha, Eurobank, and Piraeus) need €27.5 billion for their recapitalization.  See,, December 27, 2012.  Pronton Bank was bailed out by the government with €900 million and its major investor, Lavredis Lavrediades, took out €700 million as loans from his bank and transferred this money abroad. These white collar criminals must be in jail and their assets must be confiscated.

[10] ECB has only one mandate, zero inflation, which is necessary for the financial market to keep its value high, but the prices for consumers are going up, due to the oligopolies and monopolies, there. Unfortunately, ECB has nothing about unemployment, which is the scourge of EU, with over 50% unemployment rate in some regions.

[11] The Monetary Base in Fed from $800 billion in 2009 has reached $2,800 billion in 2012. See, The Wall Street Journal, December 13, 2012, pp. A1, A4, and C10.

[12] Businesses do not pay taxes and the tax evasions and avoidances by wealthy people and politicians have become scientific. See, Max Colchester, “EU Seeks to Crack Down on Tax Havens”,  The Wall Street Journal, December 7, 2012, p. A12.

[13] Bankers were making higher bonuses by offering more and more loans to risky borrowers. These exaggerations by banks have created the current indebtedness to individuals, businesses, and nations.

[14] Governments and individuals, today, are working very hard and the largest proportion of their tax revenue and income go for the payment of interest on their enormous debts. We all have spent the present value of our expected future income that we will earn during our entire life. Then, our future consumption, spending, and government expenditures have to be very small, which will affect negatively future growth, employment, and the welfare of the coming generations.  Also, the interest rates on loans are out of control by allowing lenders to put a risk premium up to 40% in some case. Of course, it is unethical to consume the wealth of the future generations and unfair to allow banks to exploit human beings. Consequently, if a government cannot control the socio-economic system, it is better to resign.

[15] The only Union that can be successful is a “Union of Orthodox Nations”. It is necessary, the Orthodox leaders of all these nations to sign up an Agreement for Common Orthodox Union (ACOU) among their countries.

[16] Turkey is laying claims to 152 Greek islands in the Aegean Sea. See, Hellas on the Web, December 27, 2012.

[17] Turkey is a very big threat to Greece, especially now under the financial crisis and Greek politicians are sleeping blissfully. The subjection of Greek pseudo-leaders (who lack patriotism) to Turks and their anti-Greek policy will lead Greece to new vicissitudes, due to Turkish hostilities. Greece cannot reduce its military expenditures and its army. The Greek media bear an enormous responsibility for misinforming the Greek people. See, Savvas Kalenterides,

[18] There is a list with 2,062 names with deposits abroad from politicians, their wives, their relatives, middlemen, and others, who contributed to the collapse of the Greek economy. This is called the “Lagarde list”. (TV News ALPHA, December 1, 2012).

[19] See, The Wall Street Journal, August 17, 2011, p. C13.

[20] See also, “Greece for Sale”,, December 13, 2012.

[21] See, Michael Burke, “Cancel The Greek Debt”, Socialist Economic Bulletin, June 16, 2012, pp. 1-2.

[22] The ECB forecasted the Euro-zone growth for 2013 as -0.3%. (See, Brian Blackstone, The Wall Street Journal, December 7, 2012, p. A12). Also, Standard & Poor’s downgraded Greece, on December 5, 2012, to the rank of “Selective Default”. (See,, December 6, 2012).  A few days later, on December 19, 2012, S&P’s, without any changes in the country’s economy, upgraded Greece to B-. (TV News MEGA, December 19, 2012). These uncontrolled corrupted institutions (rating firms) are above nations, laws, citizens of nations, and national authorities. What a global crisis is this? Who gave the power to legal entities to be above physical entities (humans)? For what reason, have we created these entities? We did not create them for the benefits of our citizens?

[23] People are returning their cars’ license plates because they cannot afford to pay for the renewal fees. (TV News MEGA and ERT, December 18, 2012).

[24] Transparency International reported its Corruption Perception Index showing high corruption levels in EU member-nations; Ireland 25th, Spain 30th, Portugal 33rd, Italy 72nd, and Greece 94th in ranking. See, William Boston and Philip Pangalos, “Crisis-Hit States Seen as Corrupt”, The Wall Street Journal, December 6, 2012, p. A13.

[25] “A Couple of Elderly Committed Suicide to Avoid Being a Burden to their Children”,, December 12, 2012.

[26] Property taxes are completely predatory and unethical because there is no income on the first home of a family. Of course, extreme socio-economic systems are against ownership by people; capitalism is against ownership, as communism. As the time is passing, we might see that capitalism is worse than communism.

[27] TV News, ALPHA, ANTENNA, ERT, and MEGA, in December 2012, different days.

[28] See, The Wall Street Journal, December 20, 2012.

[29] See, I. N. Kallianiotis, “The Single European Financial Market: Euro-zone Debt Crises and its Regulations”, University of Scranton, December 2012, pages 45.

[30] See,, December 18, 2012.

[31] See,, December 18, 2012 and Fr. George D. Metallinos, “Did the End of Hellenism Arrived?”, Orthodoxos Typos, No. 1953, December 7, 2012.

[32] See, Christos Giannaras, “The Lost Civilization of ‘Public Interest’ ”, Antibaro, December 16, 2012.

[33] But there are some “benefits” if you give everything that Germans asked; they make you “the Prime Minister of the year”, as it happened with Antonis Samaras.

[34] See, “Dirty Democracy”, Hellas on the Web, December 17, 2012.

[35] George Papkonstantinou and his two cousins and their husbands have devastated Greece. (TV News, ERT, ALPHA, December 29, 2012).

[36] See article in Stern magazine for this corrupted elite.

[37] When a lady in the U.S. opened a toy from China, she found a letter from the Chinese worker saying, “I cannot endure anymore; please, help us…”. (See,, December 27, 2012). How can we compete with this nation that exploits rudely even its own citizens?

[38] The purchasing power of Greeks has fallen by 50% since the beginning of the crisis. (TV News ERT, December 5, 2012).

[39] See, Matthew Dalton, “Greek Debt Plan Relies on Rosy Outlook”, The Wall Street Journal, November 28, 2012, p. A9.

[40] Of course, they are working now, for the second (2nd) global crisis, which will be so severe that even very strong economies, like the U.S. economy, will be led to deep recessions, social disturbances, and civil unrests.

[41] See,, December 9, 2012.

[42] The German automobile factory of OPEL is closing. (TV News ALPHA, December 11, 2012).

[43] Then, the country has to go back to drachma, if it wants to have any autonomy and future.

[44] Countries have to protect their domestic industries and create jobs for their citizens. This is the objective of any nation that cares for the social welfare of its people.

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