Greece is Exclusively a Nation of Quality

Dr. John N. Kallianiotis
University of Scranton

During the month of July 2012, I took my graduate class to Greece for a Travel Course on European Union. Many people, today, teach, write, advise, and believe that they are experts on Economics and on all the Social Issues that the oldest nation on earth, Greece, as a member of the Euro-zone faces. Unfortunately, so far, there has been no remedy for the country’s imposed economic problems by the unethical market (and Troika) and accepted by her ignorant politicians. Thus, it has been proven that all these “experts” were not experts and the country could have been better off without all these uneducated and “paid” advisors. You cannot advise or lead a country if you do not know its historical value system. From September, the situation will become even worse, due to the new austerities and the sale off of all the public wealth, which could not generate any positive results for the country, but they will lead the country to permanent destruction.

Greece is a country and society of quality and not of quantity. Her value system is above the market value system and because of this big spread, the market does not understand Greece’s objective in life. Greece is a country of history, civilization, culture, education, sciences, arts, philosophy, Hellene logos (= {Ελλην λ`ογος, the ancient Greek language is the superior of all languages),[1] democracy, faith, hope, and values. But, the last eighty eight (88) years (since 1924), the country fell into a trap imposed by her enemies (domestic and foreign), which deteriorated her true value system and the latest thirty eight (38) years (since 1974), some other enemies destroyed her market value system, too. The country and her citizens lost their objectives and their wealth (real and material). We saw during our visit that they are optimistic, hopeful, true professionals in all sectors of their economy (from the Bank of Greece to Hygeia Hospital to the Athens Stock Exchange to other businesses, except the public sector, which had become a prey of the corrupted politicians), and a return back to their traditional faith it appears through the entire country. But, I am not optimistic at all with the current leadership.

The Greek politicians are responsible for the current crisis and social justice must prevail. They have to go home for good and forever and their appropriated assets must be confiscated. They cannot lead the country that they brought to today’s crisis in all her sectors. History will refer them as prototypes for avoidance and will put them in black lists. People are not responsible for the state of the economy or for the social state that the country has been put. The responsibility falls completely on the weak, ignorant, and corrupted leaders, who destroyed the most advanced nation, her civilization, her homogeneity, her identity, and her sovereignty after seven thousand years old prosperity and guidance for the entire world. Of course, the market is responsible, too, but the market is out of control since 1980 and Greece, as a small country, cannot impose any regulations to these unethical and greedy market makers. At the moment, Greece has to put her first priority on its citizens’ welfare and not on creditors’, on EU’s or on anybody else self-interest. Greeks must go back to their traditional values and qualities and away from the current value-neutral market values. The pseudo-leaders, who created the current crisis, must be ostracized from Greece and a “benevolent dictator” must take over, send all the illegal immigrants back to their countries of origin, stop payments on all these usurious loans and terminate the sale off of public wealth, and gradually, to put Greece back in order.

Finally, my students and I, personally, were very impressed with the pride, the faith, the hope, and the qualities of these Greek people, who have experienced in their historic journey many and different difficulties (which might be the most compared with other people), but they exit winners and better people at the end. They believe in God’s Providence and they know that after this small test, they will come out stronger and better human beings. Their role was always historic and it seems to be the same in the future. They have our infinite support and humanity is expecting much more from them in the times ahead. But, everyone must understand that Greece does not belong to the West, the West belongs to Greece.

[1] As an example can be the following: «Πάτερ Παντοκράτορ καὶ Λόγε καὶ Πνεῦμα… (Pentikostarion).

Greece is Exclusively Quality


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