Christian Evidence for the Greekness of Macedonia

by Dr. Ioannis N. Kallianiotis
Economics/Finance Department
The Arthur J. Kania School of Management
University of Scranton
Scranton, PA 18510-4602, U.S.A.


.         The intent of this small work is to provide some Christian evidences (during the Christianization of Greek-Macedonians in year 50 A.D.) and a limited (due to space limitations) scientifically true analysis on the Hellenic (Greek) history and to examine what this information regarding Macedonia means to us and to the uninformed world as a whole. We offer some thoughts and unshaken Christian events for the Greekness of Macedonia that may help to answer questions concerning today’s conditions in South-Eastern Europe, the borders of the “Christendom” (currently, the under decomposition European Union). It is imperative that all scholars, politicians, decision makers, students, and intellectual human beings have this information regarding an artificial hybrid state, Skopje, created 20 years ago between Greece and Serbia, because we, as educators, are responsible for all young people of this planet and we must tell them the plain truth in simple words, away from any expediency, propaganda, and anti-scientific delusion. This new Albano-Slavic state has unlawfully chosen the Greek name “Macedonia” for its nation and Greece is opposing their aggressiveness and will resist their expansionism. It is historically wrong for them to use Greek names and symbols because they have nothing in common with Ancient Greeks since they came from Dardania and appeared in this region in the 7th century A.D. Unfortunately for them, their old name was Vardarska. How can they found their new establishing state on an incredible lie? They must know, as Christians, that there is social justice and it will, soon or late, prevail!  



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